What is App Review Submission?  

App review submission one of the best process to build app popularity on the web. Getting your app reviewed on a popular app review sites, blogs, or publication works App Review Submission? With growth hacks can expose your app to a whole new better. Favorable app reviews on one of these sites coupled audience and help you get more downloads.

Our main intention is to popularize your app on App Store and Play Store, and our services can help you save that precious time, which you can rather invest in growing your business.

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What we do!

Congratulations on releasing your app! Now the tough part starts, MARKETING.Isn’t it a hassle to contact app review sites by yourself? We can help you with that by submitting your app to more than 100 app review sites (ANDROID & IOS). Premium Plus App Review Submission Package Including Guaranteed App Publish On 20 Websites With Unique Content. It helps to coverage app on social media & web.

Submit your app to us today, to get started. Because doing something is better than doing nothing

Work Report

Once the submission is completed, you will receive an Excel file with all sites that were kept track of. You will see marked with yes the sites that your app was submitted to, but the Excel also includes other websites that I don’t submit to (i.e. sites that require an account creation, app publishers).

It contains sites that accept email/online form submissions (these are the 100+ sites we submit your app to), sites that require account creation (i.e. forums), stores and publishers and social media accounts. For most of the app review sites, there are social channel links listed as well (Facebook/Twitter/Google+).

  • The full report including approved links
  • Submission proof screenshots
  • Social media pin post approved links

  • App Review Submission On 100+ Websites.
  • Guaranteed Approve On 20+ App review website.
  • Pin post on iOS & Android users.
  • Facebook groups (There +50k members).
  • Monthly thousand hits by iPhone & Android users.
  • 20 Rating & review for iOS Or Android app.

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